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Throughout the many paths that lie before us, the many choices we have to make…often, we can feel confused and unsure. The next step taken isn't always the certain one, the next path chosen isn't always the wise one. I can't proclaim to have all the answers to all the questions ever asked. I can't proclaim to foretell the future for certain. But the gift of empathy has often times given me the insight for those in need, to guide them and to help them chose wisely.

I offer guidance in questions of love, relationships, career choices and any other matter that is close and dear to your heart.

Please, browse through my pages, make yourself at home and share your thoughts in my guestbook. You are welcome here.

Lay your hand in mine,
Let me touch you in secret places no one has reached before,
in silent places where words only interfere,
in sad places where only whispering makes sense.
Let me touch you like a child who will never have enough love,
for you are an adult who has known enough pain to love,
a child who wants to be lost in my arms,
a parent who sometimes is strong enough to give.
Let me touch you in absence when I reach for you through time and miles.
Let me touch you...when you ask, when you're afraid to ask.
Let me touch you, gently for you are fragile, firmly for you strong,
often for you are not alone.

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