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Yours Truly
As a young girl I always knew that I was "different". A quiet child, drawn to books, poetry, museums and the arts, I never seemed to fit anywhere. Born to a manic-depressive alcoholic mother and an alcoholic father, I learned very early to care for those that could not care for themselves. I was an adult, walking about in child-sized shoes. I felt my mothers pain, as she slipped deeper into her dark world and felt my own later, when my father succumbed to the illnesses brought about by his disease. I felt my younger sister's anguish as she was taken from our home. I was on my own by the age of 14, out there in a world that never felt welcoming to me.
But during those teenage years, my own island, my own piece of the universe, within, is what kept me growing day by day. Stronger in spirit, stronger in will and determination, stronger yet in heart and compassion. I felt deeply for those I met in the streets, I felt deeply for those that came to me with questions. And come to me they did. Always. The students at high school, the friends I had and often, a friend of a friend. The aches and pains were benign then really, normal teenage troubles. Broken hearts, fear of parents, bad grades. But always I knew what to say, what to give them to ease their worries and help them move on.
At first, I thought it was a curse. Always people turning to me for answers and guidance, when no one was there to hear my own questions. It frightened me often, that feeling of "knowing", the emotions that I picked up from others, the instinctive knowledge of their deepest hurts, confusions and yes, joys.
I am in my thirties now, with three beautiful children of my own and I have learned so very much on the path that led me here today. I am aware of my empathic abilities and am no longer frightened of them. Hardships come and go, broken hearts mend over time and with each agony, with each soul searing pain, comes a new revelation.
I now share my "gift" with those that come to me for answers, willingly and without reservations. Through the years I have studied the art of tarot, learned to be still through meditation and truly listen to that which is in me. I learned about the stars and their indisputable influences on our lives. I don't think that I'm the "chosen" one, nor do I believe that I have all the answers to all the questions ever posed. But to the best of my ability I will share myself and guide you along your own path.

Please feel free to browse through my pages and learn of the service I offer you. Many blessings to you and yours.



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