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There are many beautifully illustrated tarot decks available today. I've chosen the Haindl Tarot, as my personal fascination with ancient Egyptian and Celtic history and their people made this the perfect, and most obvious, choice for me.

His masterfully rendered depictions of the major and minor arcana, as well as the inclusion of astrological signs are warm and touch me deeply.


Ruling Planet

To request a free one card reading, please state one question, name and date of birth. Please state ONE CARD in the subject of your e-mail. You may also contact me at ICQ # 43056551.

One card readings are to the point and concentrate on what is happening right now.

Three Card Readings
are $5.00.

A three card reading represents your position in reference to where you are; a past, present and future interpretation of your situation.


I am an empath, not a clairvoyant. My interpretations of the tarot are derived from emotions evoked by you and your question. I sense and know those that come to me with questions. It is a very deep and spiritual knowing. Your feelings about your current situation become mine.
I am however in the unique position to remain as an observer, rather than a participant.

I use the full Celtic cross for this type of reading. I also include current astral influences. This makes for a very thorough and complete reading.

Please be sure to include your date, place & time (if known) of birth, along with your birthname. Our name at birth defines us throughout our lives and is unique to each person.

Full Readings are $25.00.

Payment Information:
At this time I accept personal checks and money orders only. I apologize for any inconvenience. You may send your question via e-mail and payment at the same time. The three day turn around of the mail system gives me ample time to prepare your detailed reading.

Please send your payment to:
R. McAnally
     606-B Archdale Dr
     Charlotte, NC 28217

Haindl Tarot Deck Front

The Haindl Tarot is the work of German painter Hermann Haindl. The images on this deck swirl and flow as in a dreamscape. Faces and objects on the cards often reflect symbols and myths from different cultures including Egyptian, Indian, Native American and Celtic. Haindl also draws on many esoteric and religious traditions to enhance his deck. Each Major Arcana card has been assigned a Hebrew letter, rune and astrological sign.


Ace of Cups

Hermann Haindl drew upon his knowledge of ancient
cultures and his experience living with Native Americans to create a 78-card tarot deck that is a colorful and penetrating study in humility and reverence
for nature.


Four of Wands

This tarot deck  draws upon the many esoteric and religious traditions, particularly Native American, the Holy
Grail, the I Ching, Kabbalah and the Runes. The 22 Major Arcana cards are rich in detail and symbolism. The 56 Minor Arcana cards consists of four suits that relate to different elements and cultures. Swords represent air, the south and Egypt; wands are fire, the East and India; cups are water, the north and Europe; stones are earth, the West and America

"The Haindl Tarot opens our minds. It leads us to see the world in a new
way (or perhaps a very old way), as a vessel filled with spiritual power and

Rachel Pollack
(The foremost interpreter of Tarot in the world)

Ace of Stones
Ace of Stones

Card Backing

Back Design of Deck
Ten Of Cups

Ten of Cups


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