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How can that which has been done, be undone?
The force of life moves us forward,
Leaving behind all that once was.
Memories, building blocks to the future.
An action without thought,
A careless gesture,
Gone in a flash, remembered for ever.
Not seizing the opportunities presented to us
When they occur,
Does that not make us guilty of negligence?

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And if we by chance stumble upon the opportunity once more,
And fail to seize it a second time,
Does that not make us blind fools?
I have no answers for the mysteries that propel us
Through our days.
Yet, I know that what once was, can never be again.
Once the chain of events has been set in motion,
Primal physics take over and force it to continue
To the finish line.
Where is this finish line, you ask?
And I must reply, that I do not know.
We are entangled into each others minds, lives and hearts,
For always,
As once we touched and embraced.
Yet, can you return and be whole again?
Is there a force mighty enough to collect all the shattered fragments
Of our lives and history,
To restore them to original luster?
Or will the pieces, once restored,
always be disturbed by the cracks underneath the surface?
I have found so many pieces within myself,
That made whole again and no longer afraid.
A sense of being I never had before.
Dare I venture into territory that may be destructive to
Myself and my spirit?
Where can I find a written guarantee that I will not be lost again?
And if someone handed me such a parchment,
would it not have to be written in blood,
for it to be binding?
My spirit stands alone, with faith and love,
embracing all that is goodness.
Yet, my spirit also sees that
which is not meant to be seen.
If I take you into my inner sanctum,
and allow you to see the beauty of within,
will you create a wave that will disturb the peace?
Will you be able to become part of this wonder,
or will you fear the unknown and withdraw?


All Text and Poetry Copyright 1998, 1999 StarMantra All Rights Reserved.