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68_159_sm.jpg (12308 bytes) Promises

Promises of forever, that I wanted to hear;
how readily you gave them.
Promises that I looked for in your eyes,
and you never blinked twice,
each time you told another lie.
There I stood with my heart in my hands,
not sure, could I take it back?
And as a jester at the king's court,
I danced your dance, endlessly, tirelessly,
as you looked on and moved away in silence.
And each time you smiled that smile,
and offered yet another promise,
I put my dancing shoes back on ~
and twirled another round to a tune only I could hear.
Yet, somehow the luster of your smile faded,
and as I looked into your eyes, one last time,
I couldn't hear that final promise.
Gone was the music in my mind.
Worn were the dancing shoes.
And I closed my eyes,
and in silence ~ I moved on.

Just when I thought I could take no more of the silent screams that deafened my ears
I gave in to the darkness
and it frightened me no longer.
For in the darkness, there was warmth.
And in the warmth, there was comfort.
And suddenly, the rays of the sun,
they brought me joy...
Suddenly, I giggled like a schoolgirl
in delight, stepping in puddles.
I looked to the heavens,
and the stars, pulsating as one mighty heart,
radiance within my own.
And the one joy, the one love, the one peace,
that I sought so desperately,
it had been there all along.
And I understood, that I am not a lonely island,
lost in the vast expanse of a universe,
but a building block of hope and faith.
And I understood, to truly expierence love,
one must give in to that which calls us,
to that which complements us,
to that which completes us.
And it is not found within another,
perhaps even a twin soul we may find,
somewhere along the path.
It is within all of us, the greatness.
And I embraced myself as I truly was.
Wings of Reflection


All Text and Poetry Copyright 1998, 1999 StarMantra All Rights Reserved.