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Music and Movies - Favorite Artists and Motion Pictures

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George Benson
Anita Baker

Grover Washington, Jr.
Keith Sweat
R Kelly
Bolero by Ravel - Yes, it's classical ~ the ultimate lovers theme
Requiem by Verdi - I have my own special memories on this one......
Saturday Night Fever - Who would have guessed a Genie likes disco?
Henry Mancini - Wonderful music
Basia and Enya - Music for the Soul

Movies & Television

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Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Independence Day
Somewhere in Time
Ben Hur
Sleepless in Seattle
Armageddon (WOW!)

Deep Space Nine

Darma & Gregg (I can identify with this girl, noone understands my lovable strangeness either <smile>)
20/20 (Gotta keep up to date on the real stuff too)
Poltergeist: The Legacy
Psi Factor
Jerry Springer - He's the Man!!!



Ok, so there is a hopeless (or hopeful?) romantic in me. The art and mystery of love, the search for one's soulmate, the quest for eternal bliss and happiness. I have searched and found and lost again. Experienced the highest of high in the joy of knowing that special one loves you back; the flip side ~ the utmost of dispair when that love is lost. Some day I'll get it right...... In the meantime, visit some of my favorite spots. pansy1.gif (2940 bytes)

Send someone a romantic card - They will love you for it :)
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